The Jack Russel Terrier Club of South Africa

About Our Club

The Jack Russell Terrier Club of South Africa is run by a National Committee, elected at each Annual General Meeting. The country is split into Regions, each having a Regional Representative. The certificates pertaining to the terriers are issued and controlled by the Breed Records Officer. Breeder’s Licenses are also issued by this officer.

The club has trained judges who judge the conformation (showing) sections of our Trials (or Meets as we call them). These judges also inspect the terriers for registration purposes. At our Meets we also conduct earth trials, obedience and agility challenges. Frequently the regions hold “fun days” which take many forms, including educational/training events.

Our trained Working Inspectors get invited by the regions to lead working events for the members and their terriers, and it is they who grant Working and Gameness Certificates to qualifying terriers.

Become a Member

The most important reason is to support the JRTCSA as a member is to partake in the preservation and protection of the original real working Jack Russell Terrier.

As a member you receive updates from the National Committee regarding events, educational fun days and hunting days. It also gives you access to senior members with a wealth of information on any topics regarding this marvelous breed. And any members are happy to help mentor any new interest within the Club. You’ll also be a part of a great community which shares your love of the incredible little dogs we call Jack Russells.

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